Woven Blinds


It doesn’t matter whether you live in a beach house on the San Diego coast or in a small secluded cabin in the Sierra Mountains, everyone wants to bring the beautiful outdoors in. These eco-friendly window treatments are handcrafted from grasses, reeds, and natural woods, woven woods add a warm, rich and natural beauty to the windows of your home. Woven wood blinds and shades are also versatile delivering a simple yet stylish look that can be used in any room of your home or office. With over 350 types of woven woods to choose from, Ashley Blinds is confident you will find the perfect woven wood blinds and shades to bring your outdoors in.


Woven woods gives you the opportunity to express your own personal decorating style whether it’s culturally inspired, contemporary, or traditional.  Here are some of the benefits of having San Diego woven woods in your home or office.

  • Wide range of colors, materials, and styles to reflect your style

  • Adds texture and dimension

  • Eco-Friendly, Organic, and completely recyclable

  • Easy, low cost maintenance

  • Can be place with or without privacy liners

  • Blocks UV rays when used with liners, increasing the life of your furniture/carpet, etc.

  • Several mechanism control options (Pull cords, cordless, etc)


Privacy liners do exactly what they sound like they don’t give you privacy. By placing a cotton liner on the inside of the shade, you block sunlight, limiting the amount of sun damage to furniture, carpet, and some types of artwork which is especially important in sunny San Diego. Liners can also prevent that frustrating glare on television and computer screens. Neighbors and coworkers looking through a window from the outside will not be able to see through the liner.

Here’s a quick breakdown of privacy liner options.

No Liner –  allows natural light to filter in through the openings of the wood

Light Filtering Liner –  a thin liner allowing natural light to softly filter through but blocks the view to the outdoors for more privacy

Blackout Liner –  a thick liner that blocks out any light for total privacy


Lift/Pull cord - traditional blind system that controls blinds with the pull of a cord.

Continuous Loop – evenly raises and lowers by using one continuous loop attached to a pulley, causing it to loop or return back to the headrail continuously. One direction allows you to raise the shade to your desired position, the other direction lowers. This is also an ideal option with larger and heavier blinds/shades.

Cordless - no dangling pull cords of any kind making it kid-safe, pet-safe, and uncluttered.  Simply push or pull the blinds from the bottom to any level and hold.

Top Down / Bottom Up lowers and raises your woven wood shades from the bottom OR top allowing you ultimate light and privacy control.  Corded top down/bottom up shades function more like two independent sets of blinds.  One cord controls the middle, the second controls the bottom.  These cords are visible which bothers some people. 


Cordless top down/bottom up shades function the same way as corded but without the cords.  Small handles are used to push and pull the blinds to your desired position.

Motorization- lowers, raises, and tilts your blinds all at the touch of a button.